The Show Arnhem

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yesterday went Sabiha and I to the big Show in Arnhem.

It was a wonderful Show and we found beautiful things that we buy.
First the things for the "Zaanse huisje"
Wooden shoes, they are 0.3 inches, sooooo little!!!
A Cologne pot ( Keulse pot) every former household in the Netherland had one for the salt.

Furniture for the "Zaanse huisje" I must paint it, make it old and do some changes.

We meet Sylvia from: and she give us the beautiful lanternworkshop, it was so nice to finally meet her and she have so much wonderful workshops.

For the big house 1:12 scale, blue/grey enamel ( real enamel)

For the curtains in the "Zaanse huisje"

Close-up wooden shoed and pot

We also meet Lisette from:
It was so nice to see her again and she bring the Duffle coats with her, they are so wonderful in real!!!!
On the Show there was work from Ronan-Jim Sévellec, he was always a big inspiration for me.
In real his work isn't that beautiful as on pictures.
It is bigger scale than 1:12, the clothes where glossy and more of that kind.
It sounds awful, but at that moment I was thinking, my bathroom is more perfect ( Sabiha said it also)
I realized also how important it is to make good pictures!!!
But we had a wonderful day and came home very tired!
Sabiha give me also a beautiful gift, you can see it on my other blog: