More Paris

Monday, June 21, 2010

More pictures from Paris, the first building is very strange, very small at the corner.
The second pictures is something that I don't speak out again ( ask at Sabiha)
But we found the"shop" and she was there!!!!!

The things I bought at the SIMP:
The bed is for my new project that I am brainstorming about.
I am thinking about two new projects.

Some things for the beach house 2

Tiles for my own new project

They are so beautiful

And something that I am so happy with is the teapot

So, a lot to do, first the beach house 2 that I am working on.
Surgery and later, when my eyes are better.................
A lot of ideas that are in my head, a lot to think about when I am in Hospital

I hope we meet soon at the blog,