Thank you

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First I wanna thank you all for the supporting emails, comments and phonecalles after my surgery. It is so wonderful that people that have the same hobby are so kind!
Everything is going well, my eyes are less blue/purple and it is only the pantience of recover that makes it difficult.
Because the making of minis at the moment not possible is for me, I shall make some blogs about things that I made in the past.
First the presents that I made for Christel, Rosanna, Roberta , Synnove and Madelva.
After we made the appointment for diner in Paris, I had the idea of making a little corner in a restaurant.
I made the chairs and bought some little boxes.
The only things that I didn't made myself where the fork and knife, glas and eifeltoren.
It was fun to make it and a nice souvenir of the SIMP 2010.