Presents and a little update Water tower

Friday, December 9, 2011

The first picture are the dolls Nella makes, they are so beautiful and tiny.
I ordered two little dolls for my next project and she send me also the little clown.
More of Nella's dolls at:
Thank you so much, Nella!!
The next picture is something I found in my mailbox this morning, so great again and I am going to find a place for it in the big house.
Thank you Rosanna!!!!!
And some updates of the Water tower, Margriet ask for it (LOL)
Because I have a full time job, I am not so speedy as the most of you know me, time is flying and sometimes I wish there are 48 houres in a day...
But there is some progress and this morning I put the parts togheter and you can see the glue isn't dry.

Yesterday the three projects arrived in Florida, with some little things that he must glue again, but they have survived the big trip.